Over View of APHI

Established in 2008

The Amhara Public Health Institute (APHI) is established as an autonomous regional public health institute having its own legal authority as the main government body as expressed in the Regulation no 138/2015
The Institute had developed its first four years strategic plan(SPM) (2016/17 to 2019/20).
In charge of four main tasks

  1. Research, based on regional public health agenda on priority public health and nutrition issues
  2. Generate, translate and disseminate scientific and technological knowledge
  3. PHEM, for the early identification and detection of public health risks and prevent public health emergencies through
  • Adequate preparedness,
  • Respond effectively and timely
  • Ensure rapid recovery of the affected population

4. Quality laboratory services

  • Referral diagnostic and Analytical tests
  • Support the capacity building of health and food science laboratories at the Regional level.


To improve health service by: generating and delivering scientific evidences , strengthening public health emergency management system, and providing quality laboratory service for best public health interventions.


To be one of the leading societal health problem solving institute in Ethiopia.

Human resources

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